The S900 is currently available for £129.99 from SportsBikeShop, a saving of £70 against the RRP of £199.99. It also features as one of the bestsellers when you first open the “Helmet” category, suggesting that this helmet delivers it all, from quality to price. The average price of a helmet from SportsBikeShop is £140 and the average of a Shark helmet is £218.49, making this one of their more reasonably priced helmets.

Quality and Safety

The Shark S900 received a 4 star safety rating in the industry benchmark safety test from Sharp. The shell itself is made from an injected thermoplastic resin, which sounds like a string of fancy words but essentially it helps the S900 to have a strong shell whilst remaining lightweight. When combined with it’s Multi-element internal shock absorbers it’s up there with the safest of helmets.


This shark stands true to size, but if you’re already an existing biker replacing a helmet, be aware that the padding is going to be much stiffer than your old helmet, so at first it may feel a bit snug, just give it time for the padding to bed in.

In general customers have commented on the helmet fitting as per their size, with a couple of comments saying it comes up a little small. Our advice would be to stick to your current size, as that seems the general consensus for the S900.

The S900 comes in the following sizes:

XS 53-54

S 55-56

M 57-58

L 59-60

XL 61-62

Wind Noise

Wind noise is where the S900 sits in a league above its budget, the wind noise is really great for a £130-£200 lid, with several customer comments saying how surprised they were at the low noise levels.

Peter R – Jan 2016 “The visor removal is genius; easily removed with a couple of clicks and ll the mechanism is behind the visor so the wind noise is minimal. Talking about wind noise, this is vastly different from my previous Frank Thomas helmet which had a peak, it’s considerably quieter.”

Ian M – Feb 2018 “The wind noise is audible but it’s not a whistle, just normal wind noise you have to expect at any significant speed. “

Daron P – Dec 2017 “nice noise reduction”

Anonymous – Jan 2017 “Perfect fit, very little wind noise, visor is great and better than a lot of more expensive helmets.”


Shark S900 VisorThe visor included is an 2.2 mm Anti-scratch “total vision anti-fog visor”. The helmet comes with a pinlock visor insert too which makes this a great lid for avoiding fog.

The helmet also comes with a built in sun visor, which believe me, if you don’t already have one, you probably think it’s a gimmick, but once you do have one, you won’t ever want a helmet without one again. Just a simple slide whilst riding and you’ve overcome that beaming sunshine (although a little hopeful for a bit of sunshine at the time of writing this review in March).

The visor on the Shark S900 is again one of it’s great selling points, just look at the customer comment above int he wind noise section, the customer commented that the visor is better than a lot of more expensive helmets.

Visor removal, as with many shark helmets is a breeze, so no fiddling for 30 mins whilst itching to get out on your bike.


Shark_S900_Dual_Special_Edition-Matt_Black_front_quarter_237398SBS currently sell just one version of the S900 and that is the S900 Dual Special Edition – Matt Black. In terms of styling it’s simple but stylish, and the vents on top give it enough differentiation from other plain helmets to give it that slightly more aggressive look.

Other features

  • 5 year warranty
  • removable lining
  • Quick release strap
  • integrated air vent ducts
  • slide lock quick release visor
  • Anti-UV lacquer on the exterior
  • 1570g overall weight


The Shark Helmets S900 is a brilliant helmet for those looking for quality, safety, features and simple styling whilst not wanting to go silly with the budget. Scoring 5/5 from over 200 customer reviews at SportsBikeShop it is one of the best rating helmets currently available.

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S900 Video

Below is a video review from WebBikeWorld

Shark S900 Helmet Review
  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Noise
  • Features
  • Quality
  • Value


Overall the Shark S900 Dual Special Edition Helmet delivers a stunning combination of safety, comfort, quality and features, you’ll struggle to find a better helmet at this price.