2018 Update – New RST Tractech Evo 3 Boots

New for 2018 the RST Tractech Evo 3 boots, in both perforated and waterproof versions. The Tractech Evo 3 boots get a number of updates to take them another step ahead of the competition. Updates for these boots include a new sole with an even stronger hardwearing material for added protection. This sole is bonded to the heel cockpit, which is attached to the ankle support. All of which is designed to stop over flexing or extension of the ankle. Ultimately adding more protection to what were already great protective boots. The Tractech Evo 3 boots also get some further updates to improve protection, including a redesigned shin plate to enhance protection should you have an accident. They also feature a larger toe box, again for added protection. The gear shifting pads now vary in size dependant on your boot size, for that added bit of attention to detail and the styling gets a more modern look. The toe slider also gets a more premium look to it, adding to the overall upgrade on the boot making it a much more premium and classy boot than its predecessor.

The waterproof boots feature the proven SinAqua waterproof treatable membrane to make the new RST Tractech Evo 3 boots some of the best contenders for our favourite new boot of 2018.

Tractech Evo 3 Boots price and colours

The 2018 launched Trachtech Evo 3 boots are currently available to buy from SportsBikeShop for £129.99 for the standard versions and £139.99 for the waterproof edition. The waterproof versions are currently only available in black (My preference after riding for years with white boots and realising they just end up filthy.) whereas the standard boot is available in a choice of 6 colours, including black, white, red, blue, fluorescent yellow and red/white.



Both the RST Tractech Evo CE and Tractech Evo CE Waterproof boots feature as bestsellers on SportsBikeShop, and were awarded “Best Buy” status from RIDE Magazine. So before we even get into the detail of the review, we can tell you that these are a great set of boots, at a very sensible price.

New Tractech Evo 3 Waterproof Boots Black


As we’ve already touched upon the price of these boots, it makes sense to start with an analysis of the price of the Tractech Evo’s from RST. Of course, being RST you’re going to have the expectation of great quality, at a reasonable price. These boots pretty much fit bang on that description and it’s not just us that think it, there’s a ton of reviews over at SportsBikeShop with customers claiming these deliver quality and comfort beyond many boots at a much higher price.

The waterproof Tractech Evo boots are currently on sale at SportsBikeShop with 25% off, down from £159.99 to £119.99. The perforated versions are also on discount from £149.99 down to £99.99.

SportsBikeShop has a vast range of motorcycle boots, over 600 different styles. On average across the range, the average price is £161, so to get these top rated and best selling boots under that average price at £99-£119 you’re really on to a winner.
RST Tractech Evo boot inside

Quality and Comfort

I guess there’s a few key things you look for in a decent set of motorcycle boots. Depending if you’re after waterproof or perforated boots, one of the key criteria will be that they either perform well in terms of waterproofing or they provide a good level of breathability and airflow.

The two other things that are always on the top of the list when buying boots are protection and comfort. Fortunately for us, RST market the Tractech Evo CE boots as “built with protection and comfort in mind”


RST Tractech Evo boot Heel
Safety is of course going to be a huge factor, after all it’s the real reason we’re wearing boots in the first place. The Tractech Evo CE boots are a race boot constructed from a special type of material made up of a microfibre that gets a PU coating. The result is a material that is far superior to leather boots, in that it is 70% lighter than leather, and is also tear and age resistant, whilst easy to maintain and care for. The boots provide a range of safety and protection features from the Moulded TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane…a tough type of plastic) Shin, ankle and heel protection, to the moulded mid sole that provides an anti-twist design for added protection, topped off with toe sliders, and rubber soles. Unlike helmets, motorcycle boots don’t go through a government safety test. However RST have opted to put these boots through a CE marking certification, which means they comply with EU health, safety and environmental standards.

✅Raimond March 18 – “Good protection with part leather, steel on the front”
✅Lasio March 18 – “Very comfortable, great quality, loads of protection, nice looking boots.”
✅Chris March 18 – “Super comfy, loads of protection and look great, a must buy.”
✅Ian February 18 – “The boots are made well and offer excellent support and protection.”


Then comfort is another key influencer to picking a good set of boots.

We normally pick out a few key comments when reviewing any motorcycle products, but there are just so many comments praising the comfort of these RST Tractech Evo boots, that this one comment is enough said.

✅David March 18 – “The most comfortable bike boots I’ve owned”


RST sizing comes in the European sizes, the Tractech Evo CE are available in 40 – 49 which you can convert using the size guide below.
Sole of RST Tractech Evo Boots
40 = UK 6
41 = UK 7
42 = UK 8
43 = UK 9
44 = UK 10
45 = UK 10.5
46 = UK 11
47 = UK 12
48 = UK 13
49 = UK 14

In terms of size, comments suggest that they pretty much come up true to size, so no need to size up or down, just stick to your normal shoe size here.

✅Marv – “Sizing was spot on to my regular shoe size although the boots outer size seem really small compared to other brands I’ve owned, although that’s not a bad thing.”
✅Michael – “some say order a size up but I ordered a size 8, spot on.”

There are however some comments suggesting that the non leather material these are made of does take a little time to bed in, so it’s worth bearing in mind that the boots may be a little stiff and snug for a while just whilst the boot is breaking in. With SportsBikeShop you get free returns so if there is an issue with sizing you’ve got the peace of mind that replacement is simple.

The RST Tractech Evo Waterproof are meant to be a little more snug than the perforated version according to RIDE Magazine who tested both. This is due to the extra materials used in the waterproofing.


The Tratech Evo boots from RST are probably best described as a race ready road boot. They’re basically a hybrid that are perfect for road or track riding. In terms of styling there are a variety of colour options to choose from.

The large RST logos, toe sliders and moulded protection give the boots some cool looks, whilst the perforated versions give a similar look with the added air holes.

RST Tractech Evo Fluo red

RST Tractech Evo green

RST Tractech Evo red

RST Tractech Evo blue

RST Tractech Evo white

RST Tractech Evo black

RST Tractech Evo Waterproof black

RST Tractech Evo white

Other features

  • PU Coating using a micro tech construction, lighter than leather
  • Moulded TPU protection on the shin, heel and ankle
  • Mid sole anti twist protection
  • Race ready toe sliders
  • Rubber sole with anti slip treatment
  • Protection bad on the toe for gear changes
  • CE Certified
  • Zip and Velcro style fastening


These are a stunning boot from RST. Having spent a few hours researching these for our review we’re really struggling to fault them, and have been left wondering why you’d splash any more than the £120 asking price for these boots on anything else. Put simply these boots tick all the boxes in terms of comfort, protection, style and value. Great work RST.

Across the RST Tractech Evo CE Waterproof boots and the RST Tractech Evo CE perforated summer boots there have been over 400 customer reviews on SportsBikeShop with an average rating of 5/5, so it’s not just us that think they’re great, owners do too.

Buy RST Tractech Boots at SportsBikeShop

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RST Tractech Boots Video

Below is a video review from STG

RST Tractech Evo Boot Review from Sportbiketrackgear.com
RST Tractech Evo Boots Review
  • Safety/Protection
  • Comfort
  • Quality
  • Value


The RST Tractech Evo CE Boots is a great value boot that gives you everything you need for comfortable road riding or entry level track riding.