Richa Carbon Winter Leather Gloves


The Richa Carbon Winter gloves are a top seller for SportsBikeShop. As you get into the detail of this review, it won’t be hard to see why. With all round protection, waterproof and thermal lining all for under £50.


The Richa Carbon Winter Waterproof gloves provide an excellent level of protection thanks to the reinforced fingers using carbon material. They also feature a reinforced palm and additional padding scattered throughout the glove where it really matters, like the top of the hand.
Richa Carbon Winter gloves

The velcro wrist strap also tightens well around the wrist to stop the glove from being pulled off in the event of an accident. You’ll also find some protection on the outside of the little finger to protect from any road abrasion whilst sliding.

✅Michael Dec 16 – “Well made, good fitting winter gloves with decent protection.”

✅Iain Aug 17 – “The gloves are extremely well made and offer oodles of warmth and protection without feeling bulky or cumbersome.”

✅Fergus Jan 15 – “They feel good and have plenty of protection”


Winter gloves always tend to be more comfortable than summer gloves due to their thicker nature. The trick with these gloves is getting some that are thick enough to keep you warm. Although not too bulky so that you lose the feel of the throttle and brakes. Reviews suggest that the Richa Carbon Winter gloves have got this spot on.

Richa Carbon Winter Waterproof Gloves Knuckle

The waterproofing of the gloves gives you that extra comfort and peace of mind that you’re not going to be stuck riding with soggy hands, which having done that plenty of times, truly is disgusting.

✅Lee Jan 2018 – “On my 7 mile daily commute my hands are warm enough, dry and comfortable.”

✅Anonymous Dec 2017 – “I was surprised at the comfort, padding, protection and good quality of stitching. My first ride was impressive as I could feel the throttle, brake and clutch controls.”

✅Shane Dec 2017 – “Good grip, very comfy and kept hands nice and warm at 2 deg for over an hour.”

Adjust the glove by pulling at the drawstring toggle. This toggle tightens the sleeve to give extra comfort and stop the cold or weather getting into the glove.

The gloves come with a thermal lining which I believe is Thinsulate.


The Richa Carbon Winter Waterproof Leather Gloves are available in a range of sizes including Small, Medium, Large, XL and 2XL. Measure across your palm. See below for the size guide.

S 7-7.5cm
M 8-8.5cm
L 9-9.5cm
XL 10-10.5cm
2XL 11-11.5cm

Feedback suggests that the gloves fit well as per the size guide above. However be warned that if these are your first pair of winter gloves, you have to expect them to be bulkier than what you’re used to. It can take time to adjust when switching between summer and winter gloves. These Carbon Winter gloves from Richa seem to have the right balance though and still leave plenty of feeling in the controls.

Shane Dec 2017 – “Quite thick but still a good fitting glove and OK for operating controls.”


At £45 these gloves are an absolute steal. They provide all of the protection, comfort and waterproofing you need from a pair of gloves. And at a rate so much cheaper than many alternatives. I refer back to my point right at the start “you’ll soon see why these are a bestseller at SportsBikeShop.

The average price of a pair of gloves at SportsBikeShop is £75, with the most expensive pair coming in just shy of £400, so these leather winter gloves at £45 really are a great buy.

Richa Carbon Winter Gloves


The Richa Carbon Winter Waterproof gloves provide top class comfort, protection, durability and waterproofing. We’d happily buy these at £30-£40 more than they currently sell for, so we’re giving them a great big thumbs up.

There are over 200 reviews at SportsBikeShop,  with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. These gloves will be a top seller for the foreseeable future.

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Richa Carbon Gloves

Richa Carbon Winter Gloves Review
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An all round winner providing great protection and comfort throughout the winter and even on long journeys.