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What’s the size like on the Oxford Hardcore XL?

oxford harcore lock review
The size is perfect for those looking for a chain lock that they can wrap around the back wheel of their bike and then perhaps through a ground anchor (if you don’t already have one, the Oxford AnchorForce is a fantastic buy) or round a lamppost or similar. SportsBikeShop currently offer this chain and lock in two different lengths, 1.2M and 1.5m. Bear in mind that bigger isn’t always better, ideally you want the chain lifted off the ground so that thieves can’t use the ground when attempting to break the chain. So if 1.2M is adequate for your needs then go for that.


Weight is obviously a hugely important factor for many customers. Whilst many of us will just be using the chain to lock our bikes up in the garage at home, there will be those of you that want to take the chain with you for locking up during the day. The Oxford Hardcore XL 13 Chain and Padlock weighs approximately 5.1kg depending on the size you go for. By comparison the Oxford HD lock is just 2.6kg and the Oxford Monster lock is 6.6kg. So it’s fairly middle of the road in terms of weight, but isn’t something you’ll really want to be chucking in your rucksack with your lunch for the ride to work.


This is where the Oxford Hardcore XL 13 Chain and Padlock really show off. It’s thatcham category 3 approved so may help to bring your insurance premiums down (check with your insurer) and features some pretty tough metals to stop thieves. The 13mm thick Chromoly hex chain is tough enough to withstand a real beating from any of the tools that thieves will chuck at it, and the padlock certainly isn’t the weak link here either with a hardened boron steel armour casing and 11mm diameter shackle.

You can rest easy knowing if you’ve locked your bike with this, to a ground anchor or other immovable object, you’re in pretty safe hands.


The price is of course an important factor for any purchase. Whilst it’s difficult to put a price on keeping our motorbike safe from being stolen we still want to know that we’re getting a great deal. For now, at least at the time of writing this review, the Oxford Hardcore XL 13 Chain and Padlock is down from £90 to just £59, making it one of the best value of the toughest range of chains on the market.


It’s all very well the manufacturer or retailer telling you how great a product is, but we really want to know what owners think. So we’ve pulled together a list of the reviews for Oxford Hardcore XL 13 Chain and Padlock from customers over at SportsBikeShop. There have been an astonishing 280 reviews of this lock, one of the highest number of any padlocks. And what’s most amazing is it scored a full 5 stars with customers.

Just some of the most recent reviews say:

SportsBikeShop Review of Oxford Hardcore lock

SportsBikeShop Review of Oxford Hardcore lock

SportsBikeShop Review of Oxford Hardcore lock


In summary this lock provides everything you could possibly want from a chain style lock to keep your bike safe, it’s fantastically strong and durable and you’d be hard pressed to find better for the money. But do bear in mind it’s not ultra lightweight so you won’t want to be lugging it about too much. 

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Oxford Hardcore XL 13 Chain and Padlock Review
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A fantastic lock, perfect for that peace of mind when leaving your bike.