If you’ve never heard of MT, they’re absolutely huge in spain (the most popular helmet brand there) and over the past couple of years have really started to take off with sales in the UK. Their helmets are aimed at the customer looking for decent quality on a budget.

The MT Flux helmet is one of the best reviewed and best selling flip lid helmets available at SportsBikeShop. And is probably our number one choice for a sub-£100 flip up helmet.


MT Flux Fluorescent Yellow

The price of the MT Flux Helmet is one of its top selling points, coming in at under £100. And currently on discount for the gloss black model at SportsBikeShop at £69.99, giving you a saving of 30%. We won’t pretend this helmet is in the same class as Arai or Shoei but it absolutely delivers everything you need if you’re on a budget. The average price of a helmet at SportsBikeShop is over £140, so you can see why the MT Flux scores so well in our review and why it’s a bestseller.

Quality and Safety

Before we get into the detail of the quality, safety and protection of the MT Flux, we’ll give you some facts.

  • ECE 22.05 and DOT certified – These are both levels of safety test that the helmet has been tested under and certified. The DOT rating typically applies to helmets for on-road use in the U.S. The ECE rating is very similar in terms of the test to the DOT rating but is specifically tested for helmet use in Europe. Essentially both are great standards for a helmet to have passed
  • MT Flux has a 4 star SHARP rating. During a SHARP test a helmet will go through a huge number of tests in order to determine the level of protection offered by the helmet, and a flip lid helmet will go through extra tests which identify if an impact causes the flip lid to lift up. This test doesn’t affect the overall SHARP rating, so whilst the Flux scored an amazing 4 stars, it is worth bearing in mind that the lid only remained fully locked in 40% of chin impacts.

MT Flux 4 star SHARP Rating

So it’s good to see the facts that the MT Flux, as a budget helmet scores pretty well with the safety tests, now we’re going to drill into some customer feedback to get their thoughts on the quality and protection offered by the helmet.


✅Gary March 17 – “Concerned about the price / quality? Don’t be!..I had no need to be concerned, this is an excellent helmet at an excellent price,plain and simple! It has a 4 star Sharp rating, where similar but more expensive helmets only had 3!”

✅Lee March 16 – “Good quality product for a good price. Would recommend this helmet to anyone looking for a cheap helmet, but still wants good quality.”

✅Malcolm Nov 15 – “Fantastic helmet, Well made. Looks great, the in built sun visor is a nice touch.”

✅Adrian Oct 14 – “Fits perfectly. Super comfort and warmth, with good sound protection.”


There are no negative reviews for the MT Flux on SportsBikeShop

Quality/Safety conclusion

Generally the reviews suggest that you’re getting a helmet well above its price bracket in terms of quality and features. Lots of customers comment on how comfortable the helmet is, and it’s great to hear that there are also loads of great remarks about the soundproofing and lack of wind noise, which for me is a real must with a helmet.

The helmet outer is made from a thermo-resin construction, typical of a any low-mid range helmet (only in the higher end do we get into varied materials in the shell construction). The inner lining is also removable which is really helpful for cleaning.

The 4 Star SHARP rating is the icing on the cake for this great budget helmet.



There’s the full spectrum of sizes available on the MT Flux helmet, from XS right through to 2XL. The sizes match the same sizing as most helmet manufacturers i.e M is 57-58cm. The helmet comes in one shell size, and the reviews suggest that the fit is very good, and as detailed earlier, very comfortable.

✅Laurence – Feb 2018 “a really good fit.”

✅Mark- Nov 2017 “Looking good, Perfect fit, good quality”

✅Simon – Aug 2017 “the build quality feels and is very good it fits me spot on”

❌Luke – Nov 2016 “XL seems a little too small for me despite my last XL helmet fitting perfectly.”

It’s worth bearing in mind when buying a new helmet that if you’ve already been riding and wearing a helmet for a few years, that the padding inside the helmet will take some time to break in, so at first the helmet can feel like it’s a little more snug than your previous, just give it a month or so of riding and you’ll notice a marked improvement on the MT Flux.

You can buy the MT Flux from SportsBikeShop to buy in the following sizes:

XS 53-54

S 55-56

M 57 – 58

L 59-60

XL 61-62

2XL 63-64

Wind Noise

Flip up helmets can be noisier than full face.  For a sub £100 helmet the Flux does amazingly well in terms of customer feedback, with no real complaints about the noise. Only positive comments.

✅Graham April 2016 – “It’s light, quiet and comfortable”

✅Magnhild Sep 2015 – “Nice fit, no wind noise.

✅ Adrian Oct 2014 – “Super comfort and warmth, with good sound protection.”

Obviously MT are huge in Spain and growing every day over here in the UK, but there’s no denying it, they are a budget brand. It’s great to see you all enjoying the Flux from a noise point of view.


MT Flux Visor

There’s not much detail given on the visor for the MT Flux, but some good reviews suggesting it has a great field of vision which again helps a budget helmet deliver a high end helmet experience. The helmet also features a built in sun visor, which if you haven’t had on a helmet before, you’re in for a treat. They sound like a gimmick but believe me, a sun visor is going to be your saving grace when you’re out on a summer ride with the sun beaming straight into your eyes.

The visor is also Pinlock ready. You won’t get the insert with the helmet though. (for those that aren’t aware of what pinlock is check out our pinlock fitting guide which gives more detail).

The visor features a quick release mechanism so removal for cleaning is extremely simple with no tools required. As standard you’ll be supplied with a clear visor when you buy from SportsBikeShop, and probably most retailers. There is an iridium visor available for the Flux, although this isn’t road legal.


MT Flux flip up helmet matt black

MT Flux helmet gloss white

MT flux gloss black

MT flux fluorescent yellow helmet

MT has kept things simple in terms of styling, it’s a good looking helmet made to suit all types of riders. The colour schemes are simple too, available in Gloss black, Matt black, Gloss White and our favourite the fluorescent yellow. These fluorescent style helmets are really taking off in popularity. These helmets look great and have the huge benefit of being ultra visible. (Especially as we all know that idiot in the car that for whatever reason can’t see you.)


Other features

  • Built in sun visor
  • Simple one hand opening system for the flip lid
  • a Micro Metric Retention system
  • Pinlock ready
  • Washable removable inner lining
  • 1 year warranty


The MT Flux has genuinely exceeded expectations here, delivering what I can only describe as a mid range helmet for a budget price. The fact that there are no negative reviews from owners at SportsBikeShop says it all, for the money you’ll struggle to find a better flip up helmet. The helmet averaged 4.8/5 from over 100 customer reviews.

Buy MT Flux at SportsBikeShop

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Flux Video

Below is a video from SportsBikeShop showing the visor removal system on the Flux

How To Change An MT Flux Visor

MT Flux Helmet Review
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  • Comfort
  • Noise
  • Features
  • Quality
  • Value


A fantastic buy for under £100. The MT flux Flip Up helmet delivers everything you expect from a middle range helmet at a much lower price.