The HJC IS-17 is their replacement for the popular IS-16, and has already been proven as a hugely popular helmet. We’ve got lots of positive things to say about this lid, as well as a couple of niggles too. One of it’s biggest positives is of course the fact that it has the top 5 star rating from SHARP. As a brief overview it features an advanced polycarbonate shell, removable interior, quick release visor, Double D strap, Pinlock ready visor with a free anti-fog insert and an integrated sun visor. It’s a helmet aimed at the mass market, so treat it as an all-rounder that will keep you safe and comfy on your commute, your tour or even on the track. But perhaps the best part is the fact that it’s priced at less than half the average price of a 5 star SHARP helmet.


HJC IS17 available from £124.99
This helmet is aimed at the budget conscious but safety conscious rider. They start at £125 at SportsBikeShop, up to £179 depending on the colour scheme that you opt for (and there’s plenty to choose from with over 25 options available). If you’re in the market for an all rounder for under £200 this should definitely in your list.

The average selling price of a HJC helmet is over £220 so it’s great that you’re getting one of their better all rounders for a lower than average price.

But the value of the IS-17 really shines through when you compare the price against the average price of a 5 star SHARP rated helmet. Bearing in mind there are only 50 odd 5 star rated helmets available, the £125+ selling price of the IS-17 is almost unbelievable. The average price of a 5 Star helmet is £278, making this under half the average cost.

Quality and Safety

As far as quality goes, this helmet looks and feels great. The shell is made from an “Advanced polycarbonate” which us supposed to be really tough. Although personally I’d like to have seen it have a fibreglass shell like the HJC FG-ST. It has a really comfortable fit thanks to the CAD development process and is easy to wear for long periods because of the amount of ventilation on-board. The channelling system rushes air through the helmet and out the rear vent. The helmet has received over 250 reviews from customers at SportsBikeShop and they’ve scored it 5/5 with tons of brilliant comments about it’s quality. I’ve picked out just a few.

✅Simon – Feb 18 – “A well known make and a quality helmet with all the attachments you need”
✅Anonymous – Jan 18 – “The quality is good in all areas which makes this a great all round helmet.”
✅Anonymous – Dec 117 – “First new helmet for a while, excellent quality, comfortable, stylish and brilliant vision all round.”
And an interesting comment that helps to set your expectations in terms of quality from another customer.
✅Freddie – Feb 17 – “Its true that it doesn’t have the premium feel that those in the £300 plus range do, but the quality certainly isn’t bad and an absolute steal for the price.”

HJC IS-17 Safety Rating

As we’ve already mentioned, the lid scored an incredible 5 out of 5 in the government safety test SHARP. Bearing in mind there are only 56 full face helmets on the SHARP website that managed to score 5, to achieve this in a £150 helmet is remarkable. I think Freddie, one of the customers from above puts it better than I could “I did a lot of research for a new lid and this came out hands down on top. If you’re on something of a budget but still with an eye on safety – this is for you.” or Adam “Absolutely love this helmet, very reasonable price for the specification of helmet and for its safety ratings. Fitted perfectly.”

Not a lot more I can say, or need to say for safety, this thing is a winner.

IS-17 Helmet Size

The IS17 is available in sizes XS through to 2XL at SportsBikeShop.

XS = 53-54
S = 55-56
M = 57-58
L = 59-60
XL = 61-62
2XL = 63-64

There seem to be quite a few reviews of customers having to go up one size, or mentioning that theirs is a snugger fit than their previous helmet. It is worth bearing in mind that new helmets do need time to break in and become more comfortable. Obviously don’t put up with it if it’s way too tight, but a snug fit around the cheek pads especially is likely to improve over time. There’s only one shell size on the IS17, but with plenty of different sizing options, there’s bound to be a size to fit you.

If you do find that you order the helmet and it doesn’t fit quite right, don’t put up with it. Order from somewhere like SportsBikeShop where you get free returns. That way if it’s not right, there’s no expense for you to swap it for a better size.

Wind Noise

Wind noise is always a tough one for me to review. It’s so subjective, and one person’s terribly noisy is another’s perfectly quiet. However to get a fair understanding of the wind noise of the HJC IS-17 we look through all of the existing customer reviews and search for any mention of the noise. That helps us get a feel for the level of noise, and it comes from actual owners rather than the manufacturer’s claims.

For the IS-17 the reviews are, as expected, varied. One customer commented “wind noise is near none existent” whilst another says “…with extreme noise and wind coming inside the helmet”. That said, there are 40 mentions of wind noise in the reviews on SportsBikeShop, of those 40 mentions, 22 say the noise levels are good, 9 are ok and 9 say it’s bad. So overall 55% are positive about the wind noise on the IS-17 and only 22% are negative.

As a summary we’d say wind noise levels are good, but add the caveat that it is of course subjective.



The IS-17 from HJC features some simple but very effective ventilation. Built into the lid is HJC’s unique channeling system which forces air throughout the helmet, moving the humidity up and out the back. Helping you to keep cool all day. I’ve picked out some key comments about the ventilation of the Is-17.

“It’s a little quieter than the old helmet and the vents are much more effective (almost a bit chilly on the coldest winter days!).”

“Glasses fit well and its very well ventilated”

In total there were 55 comments from customers at SportsBikeShop that mention the ventilation of the helmet. 54 of the 55 are positive, giving it a great average of 98% positive comments. The other great aspect of this helmet is the integrated sun visor which we’ll go into more detail on shortly. But in terms of ventilation, the sun visor allows you to protect your eyes and have the main visor fully open for slow filtering through traffic etc, which I find really nice for getting increased airflow.

HJC IS17 Visor


Another couple of features making the HJC IS-17 a great all-rounder helmet is the integrated sun visor and pinlock ready main visor.

The sun visor is easily operated from the top of the helmet using a slider and button mechanism (watch the YouTube video below to see it in operation). It features a 3 level tint to give you the maximum effectiveness at blocking the glare from the sun, whilst not being too dark to impact on road visibility.

The main visor has a rapid-fire replacement feature, which is just jargon for a simple tool-less quick release system. It has a clip on the front to hold the visor down for added protection and perhaps the most surprising addition for a helmet at this price, is the Pinlock ready visor. Which comes complete with a Max Vision anti-fog insert (another great plus, as these are around £30).


I’m not sure I’ve ever found a helmet with so many options available. There are 27 different paint schemes available at SportsBikeShop, some of which we’ve shown below. The helmet has a nice sporty look to it, and being aimed at the mass markets it’s not too lairy. The big vents add some distinct styling to it too, personally it’s right up my street. Simple yet sporty looking. The HJC IS-17 has been designed using HJC’s latest CAD technology, which sounds like marketing fluff but it basically means we can trust that it will be a really efficiently aerodynamic helmet. Which will help put less pressure on your head neck and shoulders.

Other Features

  • An advanced shell made of polycarbonate
  • CAD design for better comfort, fit and aerodynamics
  • Removable washable interior 
  • Rapid-fire quick visor removal
  • Double D retention 
  • Pinlock ready with a max vision insert included
  • 5 star SHARP rating
  • 1 year warranty
  • Chin curtain fitted


In conclusion we’re really impressed with the IS-17. If I’m honest I was sold at the price point when I saw the 5 star SHARP rating. It’s half the price of the average 5 star helmet, so that’s a huge plus. Overall it delivers a mass of features, great styling and safety for an incredible price. My only hesitation, is that I feel the FG-ST delivers all of this, for a similar price, and with a fibreglass shell. So I’d probably pick the FG-ST over this.

Buy HJC IS-17 at SportsBikeShop

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HJC IS-17 Videos

Ignore the thumbnail showing another helmet, the video is correct.

HJC IS-17 Helmet Review
HJC IS-17 Helmet Review
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  • Value


Top work HJC. I’m extremely impressed that you’ve packed so much into a £130 range helmet.