What is a pinlock visor?

Before we get into the detail of how to fit a pinlock visor, we thought it would be helpful to explain briefly what it is, to avoid any confusion. A pinlock ready visor will have two very small plastic pins at both ends of the visor, pictured below.

pinlock visor

The purpose of the pinlock visor is to give you the ability to install a pinlock visor insert, which we’ll explain below.

Pinlock visor inserts

A pinlock visor insert is a small laminate sheet that you install on the inside of your helmet’s visor in order to counter any fogging you’re experiencing. The pinlock insert is made of a specifically designed absorbent material that soaks up moisture to reduce fogging, or in most cases, completely overcome any fogging.

How to install the pinlock visor insert

  1. Step 1: Remove your visor from the helmet
  2. This varies between brands, but most helmets will have clips or buttons at either side of the helmet in order to remove the visor. Remove this and give the visor a clean with a damp cloth.

  3. Step 2: Flatten the visor to fit the insert
  4. In this step you’ll need to slightly peel back the yellow screen protector from your pinlock insert, whilst slightly flattening your visor (don’t worry they’re made to be able to cope with this), push one end of the visor insert into the pin on your helmet. Ensure the silicon seal is on the inside touching the plastic of the visor.

  5. Step 3: clip in the other end
  6. This may take a little more brute force, again flattening the visor slightly to push the clip in. Once both ends are fitted, flex the visor slightly to ensure you get a good seal on the visor.

  7. Step 4: Remove the protective film
  8. Make sure you remove the yellow protective film, at this point test you’ve got a good seal by breathing onto the visor around the rim, it should fog up in the non-pinlock area but none at all on the visor insert.
    Pinlock Visor Insert Fitting