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What’s new on the SP-2 V2?

Sp2 V2 Gloves
For those of you that have seen, used or at least heard of the Alpinestars SP-2 Leather gloves, you’ll be pleased to hear the V2 versions get an upgrade whilst maintaining all the things we love about the SP-2’s and at the same price. The V2 gloves from Alpinestars get subtle upgrades for 2018 including an all important CE certification, meaning they’ve been through the EU standards for quality and safety for motorcycle gloves…great news. They also feature increased stretch panels as well as perforation areas. For those of you that haven’t come across the Alpinestars SP2 gloves before, keep reading for more detail.


The SP2 V2 gloves come in at a very reasonable £105 at SportsBikeShop. Making them a great price for a set of race gloves. On average the Alpinestars gloves will cost you about £87 when averaging the price of their 77 pairs available. However, these are a set of top end race ready gloves, so bear in mind some of these cost as much as £300 e.g. for a set of Alpinestars Supertechs.

Quality and Safety

SP2 V2 Gloves Front ViewThe Alpinestars SP2 V2 gloves are new for 2018 so we’re yet to get a decent amount of reviews for us to analyse, but they’re based on an evolution of the popular SP2’s so we know we’re getting a great set of gloves here. The gloves benefit from a race styling, constructed from in their words a “premium leather”. The perforation on top is a huge plus for me, for the much needed ventilation when summer road riding. The knuckle protection is inspired by the best gloves for the race track which is made from an extra strong plastic (TPU). This knuckle system is supposed to help absorb and dissipate impact.


Of course one of the great peace of mind safety features of the SP2 V2 gloves is the CE rating for us safety conscious riders.

The sides of the gloves feature a suede reinforcement which is made specifically for extra safety in one of the key landing areas. The two end fingers also benefit from Alpinestars’ patented finger bridge. Having ridden with one of these for around 5 years now on another set of Alpinestars it’s a great peace of mind safety benefit should you have a lowside crash.


The inners of the fingers have 3mm of foam padding, making them perfectly comfortable for long distance riding. And for added comfort the gloves have a double wrist closure system giving you the perfect snug fit. With the rear velcro style adjuster and further up the glove is the wrist adjuster. This is not only beneficial for comfort but for safety should you slide onto the glove. In terms of comfort I can’t put it better than this reviewer over at SportsBikeShop, who says they’re “as comfy as a silk bag full of puppy dog ears”. Brilliant.

For those of you who use satnavs or other touchscreen devices on your bike you’ll be pleased to know the tips of the fingers are touchscreen compatible, meaning no faffing with glove removal each time you want to adjust a setting on the satnav.

And finally for the 2018 V2 versions of the SP-2 gloves you know get lots of stretch panels, on the fingers and thumbs for additional comfort with your hand wrapped around the handlebars. Overall these gloves deliver a top level of performance and safety, and have got even better for 2018, so go for the V2’s which come in at the same price.

SP-2 V2 Sizes

If you have worn a set of Alpinestars before these are going to fit you just fine using the same size. If you haven’t then I’d definitely suggest you take the time to measure up, their guide is normally spot on but the sizes can differ slightly from other brands, so check out the guide below before you buy. Although it’s worth remembering that you get free returns at SportsBikeShop if they aren’t quite right.

They’re available in sizes

and 3XL

and below is Alpinestars sizing guide. Alpinestars Gloves Size Guide


There’s no two ways about it, these are a stunning looking set of gloves. And look so much better for 2018 on the V2 model, with a much more race inspired look. The perforation, knuckle protectors and stretch panels add to the look, making them some of my favourite looking gloves.

See below for the colours currently available at SportsBikeShop.


Overall, top work from Alpinestars. When it comes to buying kit, I’m tight, i’ve been riding in the same gloves for 7 years. So I think it shows that Alpinestars have achieved great things with these gloves…because I’ve bought them. They offer a great level of protection, comfort and the perforations make them as cool as they look.

Buy SP-2 V2 Gloves at SportsBikeShop

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Here’s the overly enthusiastic guy from Revzilla giving you a great breakdown of these gloves.

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Alpinestars SP-2 V2 Review
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A top set of gloves, especially for the money.