Alpinestars SMX5 Boots

A popular favourite amongst a whole range of bikers. The Alpinestars SMX 5 deliver the quality you expect from a set of Alpinestars at a price you’d expect for a middle of the road pair of boots. They’re targeted as a “performance road and track boot” but in our experience, the incredible comfort and lightweight feel, combined with their reassuring levels of proctection makes them the perfect all rounder. Whether you’re a daily commuter, a weekend fair-weather biker or the occasional track day rider, these will have you covered.

.The Alpinestars SMX5 boots feature in SportsBikeShop’s bestseller list in motorcycle boots. So it’s no surprise because you’re getting a whole lot of boot for your cash.


Alpinestars SMX 5 Boots

The average price for a pair of Alpinestars boots at SportsBikeShop is over £180, with the most expensive pair fetching £380, so the SMX5 boots really are at the budget end of the price spectrum for a set of Alpinestars. However don’t be fooled into thinking you’re getting a budget set of boots, because they deliver a whole lot more than their price tag would suggest.

The SMX 5 boots are currently available from SportsBikeShop with over 15% off, taking them from £159.99 down to £134.95 with free delivery and returns.

Considering the average price of a pair of motorcycle boots is around £160, in terms of price, these are a steal. Enough on price, let’s dive into the quality and comfort of the SMX5 boot.

Quality and Comfort

Reading the sales copy from SportsBikeShop/Alpinestars gives you some insight into what makes these boots great, and some explanation as to why they’re such a top seller. For example they feature a quick drying lining, a durable micro-fibre upper construction, an ergonomic design for a long lasting perfect fit, a rubber sole built using an exclusive compound to give extra grip, strength and durability and a great amount of protection from the toe sliders to the added ankle, heel and shin protection. But it’s the customer reviews that gives you the real reason as to why they’re so great. Nearly every review comments on how incredibly comfortable these boots are. Many owners are commenting on how they can wear their boots and even walk in their boots for most of the day and still feel comfortable.

✅Stewart Aug 17 – “They are a very comfortable and offer great protection. Have had many Sundays with the on my feet all day and they have been comfortable the whole day long. And not too hot either! Perfect boots.”

✅Damian Mar 18 – “They are light, comfy and have all the right protection in all the right places”

✅Alex Mar 17 – “Awesome protection and extremely comfortable.”

✅Neil Jul 16 – “You’ll struggle to find a better protected or comfier boot.”

The SMX 5 boots reviews are very impressive. So impressive that I’ve just ordered myself a pair to replace my Sidi Vortice boots.

Alpinestars did make a waterproof version of the boot the SMX 5 WP, however they’ve recently been discontinued. Although we’re speculating, we’re guessing it’s because the non waterproof version was that much more popular, and delivers an almost waterproof finish (many claiming that they’ve never got wet feet in their non waterproof SM-X 5’s even in heavy rain)

CE certified

The SMX5’s are CE certified which means they conform to a set of EU safety tests, which you’d expect no less when buying a set of Alpinestars. There are no regulation in terms of boots in the UK, unlike helmets, so it’s nice to see that Alpinestars are putting their boots through these extra tests for our peace of mind.


When it comes to sizing on the Alpinestars SMX 5 boots, we’d suggest sticking to your normal boot size. There are one or two reviews which suggest going a size bigger, but generally they seem a good fit at your normal size. There’s even a review suggesting that they followed advice to go a size bigger, and guess what? Too big.

They are available in the following sizes from SportsBikeShop, and we’ve given the UK equivalent to save you the hassle.

Alpinestars SM-X 5 Boots right quarter

41 = UK 6.5
42 = UK 7.5
43 = UK 8.5
44 = UK 9
45 = UK 10
46 = UK 11
47 = UK 11.5

These are very comfortable, and somewhat snug boots, so pretty much from your first ride you should expect comfortable riding. Unlike many other boots which take months to properly bed in. However we do suggest that it can take a few weeks of riding to properly break them.


Alpinestars SMX 5 Toes

Alpinestars SMX5 Heel

You’ve probably heard the Phrase about one of the original Ford Cars, the Model T. “You can have any colour you want, as long as it’s black”. Well the same goes for the Alpinestars SM-X 5 boots, they are simple in their styling and only come in black. That said, they look great and black boots are the way forward. As I mentioned above, I’ve given up with my white Sidi Vortice boots, they’re a pig to keep clean. So yes not much to report in terms of colour options or futuristic styling here, you won’t be getting hundreds of people asking where you got your amazing looking boots from, but who cares you’ll be comfortable anyway.

Other features

  • Durable upper construction made from micro-fibres
  • Polyamide lining for a quick drying inner
  • Large profile instep and flex in the achilles area for added comfort
  • Ergonomic styling to provide a long term precise fit
  • Rubber sole made from an exclusive compound
  • CE Certified
  • Zip and Velcro style fastening


These are an incredible stunning boot from Alpinestars at an even better price. I can’t wait to take delivery of my boots. Especially as I know just how comfortable they are. These are the perfect boot for someone that wants comfort and protection. If you’re an every day rider, commuter or occasional track day rider then you’d be hard pushed to find a better boot for comfort at this price. If you’re a serious racer then there will be better options out there for you, but most other riders can’t go wrong with these.

The SMX5 boots have received 116 customer reviews on SportsBikeShop at the time of writing this review. With an average rating of 5/5. These boots won’t disappoint, we can assure you.

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Alpinestars SMX 5 Boots Video

Below is a video review from Revzilla

Alpinestars S-MX 5 Boots Review at RevZilla.com

Alpinestars SMX 5 Boots Review
  • Safety/Protection
  • Comfort
  • Quality
  • Value


The ultimate boot for all day comfort, these things are like the motorcycling equivalent of women’s ugg boots. Amazing protection, great looking and all for £135.