The AGV K3 SV – one of SportsBikeShops best sellers in the Full Face Helmet category. It’s currently for sale at £169.99. As a huge AGV fan this helmet delivers it all for £169.99. The average price of an AGV helmet from SportsBikeShop is £279.04, and the average price of all helmets is £140, so you’re paying roughly average money, for (in our opinion) a truly superior helmet.

Quality and Safety

The AGV K-3 SV has a four star safety rating from Sharp during it’s safety test. The shell is made of a High Resistant Thermoplastic Resin, which many modern high end helmets are made of. There are two shell sizes for optimum sizing, depending on the size chosen. The K3 SV also features a Dri-Lex and microfibre lining for comfort and removable lining for easy cleaning.


In terms of sizing, customers are reporting a few mixed reviews that the AGV either comes out true to size or slightly too small. It is important to consider that new helmets often have a much stiffer interior for a couple of months, particularly around the cheeks, so it can feel a little snug for a while, whilst the material beds in.

❌Anonymous – October 2017 “Had to return the first order as too small even though we went by the size guide you provide”

✅Kallum H – December 2017 “Perfect size for fit, very comfortable to wear”

✅Mario – December 2017 “Lovely helmet, fits perfectly”

✅Lynne – September 2017 “Light weight, really good ventilation, perfect fit and great price.”

✅Dave L – July 2017 “Great fit, price and superb customer service.”

Our advice would be to follow the size guide as generally customers are reporting a good fit for the AGV K3 SV helmet.

The K-3 SV comes in the following sizes:

XS 53-54

S 55-56

MS 57

ML 58

L 59-60

XL 61-62

Wind Noise

In general AGV are pretty good for their noise levels, and the K3 SV is no exception with lots of good customer reviews about the wind noise at SportsBikeShop. Nearly all comments are positive about the wind noise, and for a £170 helmet, if wind noise is a major concern for you, you’re in a good place with this AGV.


✅Marc – Dec 2017 “Comfortable with minimal noise at speed”

✅Kallum G – Dec 2017 “wind noise was to a minimum.”

✅Blake – Aug 2017 “Most of all the whistling noise is pretty much none existent, so perfect on your long rides.”

✅Greg – July 2017 “Wind noise is minimal, and so far I’ve yet to find anything negative to say about this helmet.”

✅Anonymous – March 2017 “Very minimum noise and draught when riding.”

✅Richard – December 2016 “On the plus side the K3 is very quiet in regards wind noise.”


❌Gary R – Aug 2018 “My only criticism being there is a lot of wind noise in the ears, apart from that all good.”


agv_k3-sv visor

The visor on the K-3 is pinlock ready and comes with the pinlock insert, which has proven to be a must have feature for many bikers. That said, pinlock systems are like the marmite of the motorcycle helmet world, many love them, many despise them. But it’s nice to know it’s there if you want it, and don’t bother using it if you don’t.

The visor is made of polycarbonate which scratch resistant and has received an additional protective coating to make it UV resistant with an anti-fog finish. The quick release system from AGV means visor removal and replacement is extremely simple, with no tools required. AGV call this system XQRS, Extra Quick Release System (imagine the hours that the marketing team spent deliberating the name).

The inner sun visor is a huge benefit for riders caught out by the glare of sunlight, the sun visor drops down with a simple slider mounted on the helmet.


The K-3 SV comes in a range of different styles, with the Matt black proving to be by far the most popular choice. I’ve always had AGV as my personal helmet, they just “do-it-all” for me, the comfort, the price, the features and the styling make them the perfect all-rounder. The styling of the K-3 SV doesn’t disappoint, it has that aggressive look you want, and in the matt black it looks stealthy and classy.

K3 Gloss Black

K3 Matt Black

K3 Pink Guy Martin Edition

K3 Tartaruga

K3 Blue Pulse

K3 Red Pulse

K3 Gunmetal Pulse

K3 Scudetto Silver

Other features

  • Share Bluetooth ready
  • removable and washable lining
  • 1470g weight
  • Pinlock ready visor
  • Sun visor
  • 2 years extra warranty with AGV

Difference between AGV K3 and AGV K3 SV

The K-3 SV is the updated model to the K3, which was an extremely popular helmet from AGV, the K-3 SV essentially gets an update with a built in sun visor, it has also proven very popular because of the benefit of the space available making it compatible with AGV’s bluetooth system “Share Bluetooth”.


This AGV Helmet has it all, the looks, the price, the light weight, the features and the quality you expect from AGV. For us it’s the aggressive looks of the Matt Black that really does it. It scored 5/5 average from the 87 customer reviews over at SportsBikeShop. If you’re like me, you’ll try this AGV and stick with the brand for the rest of your riding career.

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AGV K3 SV Video

Below is a video review from RevZilla

AGV K3 SV Helmet Review at

AGV K3 SV Helmet Review
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  • Comfort
  • Noise
  • Features
  • Quality
  • Value


The AGV K3 SV helmet has it all, the looks, the price, light weight, the features and the quality you expect from AGV. For us it’s the aggressive looks of the Matt Black that really does it. It scored 5/5 average from the 87 customer reviews over at SportsBikeShop.