I’m Matt, Owner of KneeDownReviews. I started Knee Down Reviews in 2018 with a goal to write detailed reviews of motorcycle products, mainly focusing on Helmets, gloves, boots and other clothing items. I’ve been riding for over 10 years and found that there’s very few “go-to” places to read reviews about products. Obviously there’s the retailers sites, but they get so many reviews that it’s too difficult to trawl through them all when you want to just get a quick overview of whether the product is any good or not.

So I started Knee Down Reviews in order to give you an unbiased and simple review of a product, giving you the key features and picking out the key trends or points that customers pick up on when they review the item. We avoid the jargon that many websites give you, and try our best to avoid too much waffle.

we want KneeDownReviews.co.uk to be the number one place to go for motorcycle product reviews.

Our goal is to add a new review as soon as a product is released. Generally we won’t be able to physically get hold of the product, so I’ll put in hours of research into what makes the product good, bad and different to competitor or similar products. Helmet Reviews are a great example, rather than me getting hold of it, I’ll use the manufacturer’s website, the Government SHARP safety rating website and SportsBikeShop customer reviews to compile a list of strengths and weaknesses and give you as much information as possible to help you decide if the helmet is right for you.

I work with SportsBikeShop and a couple of other manufacturers to get a small commission for any items that my visitors go on to purchase. Don’t worry, this won’t cost you any extra, the retailer pays me directly, so you’re sure to be paying the same price. That said, I’m not just in this for the money, if I think a product is rubbish, I’ll be as blunt as I need to be, ultimately I want to grow a trusted user base, so honesty is best policy here.

If there’s anything you want to discuss, whether it’s an idea for the site or a product you want to see reviewed, just get in touch via the contact us page.